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distance above view of glenn acting on stage in scarboroughs midnight mattinee
Opera House Scarborough Midnight Mattinee
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Script Writing
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close up of sean dressed for his part in sherlock homes in victorian light aqua blue suit and chubjy tie looking extremely menacing indeed
Sean Glenn In 'Sherlock Holmes' Granada TV
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close up front view of sean glenn with head slightly tilted on a jaunty anlge dressed in a working mans check fawn coloured suit with v neck grey jumper and tie with a tartan flat cap
Sean Glenn In 'The Navigators' FILM 4
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glenn dressed in mmilitary dress somplete wi guns and the villan stare
Signs & Wonders BBC TV
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Summer Showtime (2) Sun Lounge Theatre Filey
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close up of seans head and shoulders from a recent sheffield photo shoot
Studio Photograph
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dressed to dazzle here is a close up of sean in his black tuxedo
Studio Photograph
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close up of sean glenn in a very dashing black suit
Studio Photograph
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close up view of glenn acting on stage as captain black heart in mother goose 2019
Sean as captain Blackheart, Mother Goose 2018 - 2019
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close up of sean on stage wearing dark ancient style robes and looking menacing
Sean playing Abanazar, 2017 - 2018
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