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glenn on stage on one knee with his leading lady on his other knee both wearing country and western clothing in black and white
Annie Get Your Gun, Grand Theatre, Blackpool
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sean glenn acting in full character dressed in army clothing and holding a united kingdom flag
1940a Blitz Show
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1940s Blitz Show
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close up of sean glenn dressed as an airline pilot in the hit tv show
Airline YORKS TV
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distance view of actor glenn centered on stage surrounded by the cast of blackpools cleveleys theatre
Annie Get Your Gun Queens Theatre Cleveleys Black
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close up of sean glenn acting in the sixties big breadwinner with back to a floral patterned papered wall with gun grasped against his body in a very tense sean
Big Bread Winner Hog Granada TV
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close up of sheffield actor sean glenn in machine engineering clothing including pocketed dungarees working in a machine shop
City 68 (2) Granada TV
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glenn acting his socks off with fellow acting discussing factory issues both smartly dressed in machine shop clothing
City 68 (3) Granada TV
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sean glenn acting in how we use to live dressed in full sixties issue faen coloured army clothing with one hand in his left trouser pocket
How We Used To Live YORKS TV
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Magic of the Music hall Sun Lounge Theatre Filey
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nineteen seventies photo close up of sean in beige shirt and blue trousers in morocco with a snake charmer and his snake wrapped uncomfortably around seans neck
Morocco After The Show He Wanted His Money Back
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Murphys Mob CENTRAL TV
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