Sean Glenn’s Bio

Biography 2 – T.V

Came to appear in the Yorkshire area in the late 1960’s for only a week. His following week in the Manchester area fell through, so, stuck in digs with no work, young wife and son at home to support, house on mortgage car on HP. After hearing him sing, the president of the concert secretaries association ‘Len Hobson’ ticked all the clubs in the OC club magazine saying ‘Ring all them Lad, tell em as I said tha’s areet.

He soon established himself on the Yorkshire club scene. He appeared at the World Famous Batley Variety Club, and according to reviews at the time ‘ Took Yorkshire clubland by Storm ‘ so much so, he brought his young family to live in Sheffield and has made it his base ever since.

He started acting with Granada and Yorkshire television about the same time and has appeared in far too many series dramas and shows to name here. Just a few are:

T.V Roles

Don Tyler in ‘The Amazing Mrs Pritchard’ for BBC TV

Claude Beasley in ‘Coronation St’ Granada TV

Farmer Bell in ‘All Creatures Great & Small’ BBC TV

Jose in ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ Central TV

Jim in ‘The Wild West Show’ BBC TV

Frank in ‘England’s Greens and Peasant Land’ BBC TV written by our own Rita May

Gerard in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ BBC TV

Knight at the court of ‘King Lear’ played by the late great Sir Laurence Olivier, Granada TV

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